Sunday, March 07, 2004

Kerry the liberal 

Via CalPundit, the Chicago Tribune ran an opinion piece Sunday about how liberal John Kerry really is (and also how conservative Bush is). The answer: not very liberal at all.
I'll let you read the article for the methodology, but this just confirms what anyone who's been watching Kerry for more than the past year already knows: he's a centrist. Yes, he's left of center on a few issues, but he's no lefty, even by national standards.
But beyond that, I really doubt the liberal tag is going to help Bush much. For one thing, the whole "Massachusetts liberal" label is so 1988. And anyone who listens to Kerry is going to realize pretty quickly it just doesn't fit him. He's not Mike Dukakis. Bush/Rove/etc seem to have decided the same thing. They're going after him for being a flip-flopper, which I think is much more likely to be successful, though there are still plenty of ways Kerry can rebut.


I'm late on this, but Andrew Sullivan posted recently on the concept of "micro-aggression," which is apparently sweeping across college campuses. It must have done so pretty recently, since I graduated in May and had never heard the term before, but that's besides the point.
Anyway, micro-aggression is apparently minor-un-PC-ism, which over time seriously offends people. He says he was accused of committing such an offense when he referred to "Islamo-fascism," which, as he notes, is a term distinct from "Islamic." Anyway, it's basically another attack on the PC police, a position with which I have some sympathy (though I don't think it's as big a deal as the right makes it out to be).
But Sullivan's post includes this line:
"Nevertheless, I had committed a micro-aggression. If I were on a campus today, I might be subject to discipline."
My question to Sullivan is: on what campus? What college in this country actually punishes someone for that kind of non- or even borderline hate speech? Note that this is different from the speech code issue (though I oppose then, it is a much more complex issue). I am looking for a college where "micro-aggression" is banned.
I have e-mailed Sullivan to ask him for an example. I'll let you know if I get an answer.

Chavez to Bush: Don't invade Venezuela 

Ok, so I'm not suggesting that we're planning to invade Venezuela, but isn't it just a tad bit concerning that countries now have to warn us explicitly not to?

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